Croupier Jobs

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What is Croupier Jobs?

The website is dedicated to the main purpose of finding ex-casino staff and self trained croupier dealing work in the fun casino industry. Registration with Croupier Jobs is completely free.

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Croupier Jobs was established in 1997 and aims to help all of those that are involved in the fun casino industry.

Fun casinos all around the country often seek dealers located in a suitable place for temporary work at corporate entertainment or private individuals' home casino parties. There are hundreds of travelling casinos all over the country in many different guises, we know of many of these because our company Poker Shop has sold them equipment. We have also organised work outside of the UK on several occasions.

The objective of this site is to offer fun casinos access to any relevant croupier in order to offer them work. Fun casinos may also register their details with us for free and we will use this to pass on any information that we feel may assist. This is particularly relevant in December when fun casinos are in high demand to service company Christmas parties, however we also get requests from private individuals requesting staff to operate their own home based tables.

Our company has been working in the fun casino and casino equipment business since 1997. During this time a considerable database of croupier has been collated, mainly through word of mouth of the croupier that have experienced working with us or from soft advertising on this web site and in our own casino and poker equipment brochures.

For more details of the usual work entailed take a look at our terms.